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As someone who feels awkward about eye contact at the best of times I can’t say I’m a big fan of being forced to gaze into the eyes of various strangers.

Doing this is supposed to induce a sense of deep connection with the person opposite you.

He didn't meet her through Yoga Dates, although the events have led to a couple of dates.

There isn’t actually much talking done during the class, just the odd “Can you get your leg higher? However you can’t help but feel a certain connection with someone when you’re as entangled together as you would be if you were playing a game of Twister.

The only part of the class I find uncomfortable is a connection exercise that involves staring into your partner’s eyes for a lengthy period.

She had recently moved to Denver from New York City and was looking to connect with the yoga community here. It almost feels like you're not allowed to in a lot of environments -- especially in the opposite sex perspective."Some events are held at yoga centers, but she also has held events at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place in Boulder and on the top of Table Mountain, followed by a family-style dinner at the Sherpa House in Golden."I think when it comes to the dating world ...

Yet the classes she attended didn't seem set up for meeting new friends."It's weird because yoga is all about union and connection, but when people go to classes, they have their blinders on," Baglan says. it's frightening to put yourself out there and not know who might be on the receiving end of things," Baglan says.

They say their salutations, following by a shared sun salutation. He has explored singles vinyasa, followed by mingling and healthy drinks; partner speed-dating; and even a couples' yoga class with another yogi he recently began dating.

The bodies rotate."The practice really prepares us for more honest engagement, to be more present with ourselves and our bodies," he says.The up close and personal yoga has been an effective ice-breaker.That along with a large glass or two of wine makes post-class chat easy. I may not have met a potential boyfriend but I’d certainly give it another go in the future.Any reservations I may have had before the class disappear quickly.With each partner I have a good laugh and it’s hilarious trying to hold our limbs in position without toppling over on to the couples next to us.Unlike a regular yoga class this focuses on postures you do with a partner, the hope being that as you bend and stretch together you hit it off.“Dating yoga is a unique twist on a classic yoga class,” explains creator and class leader Richard Brook.