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After scaring the other strippers away by firing a warning shot, Diana gives the gun to Blue to cover her while she gets into a brutal fistfight with Ronnie, leaving Ronnie badly beaten.

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Everything is fine until four years into the game her younger lost-minded cousin Ebony Armstrong (Monica Calhoun) comes to live with her.After listening to Dolla's rendition of "The Strippin' Game", she starts working at the club.Diana then begins dating Blue (Jamie Foxx), a DJ at the Player's Club.Meanwhile, Ebony is offered a gig to dance at Ronnie's brother Junior's (Samuel Monroe Jr.) bachelor party, under the pretense from Ronnie that other girls from the club will be dancing there as well (In actuality, Ronnie lied to use her as a way out of stripping for her brother's friends at the party so Ebony can strip for them instead).Excited, Junior bursts in on Ebony while she is changing.

Ebony resists, prompting Junior to brutally beat and rape her, leaving his friends to listen to it in full disgust and disbelief.

When Ebony realizes that she will be the only woman in a hotel room full of rapacious men, she desperately tries calling Diana to come and pick her up but Diana didn't and ignored her.

Reggie and Clyde, both feeling insulted by Diana and Ebony from a previous encounter, lied to Junior that Ebony will have sex with him, claiming that they "ran a train" on her.

Clyde tries to meet Luke but his bodyguard (Michael Clarke Duncan) informs Clyde that Luke is trying to relax and not meet with fans.

Clyde insults the bodyguard causing him to hit Clyde in the back of his head as he leaves, leaving him unconscious.

Later, Diana has a change of heart and she and Blue decide to check up on Ebony at the hotel, only to discover her bloodied and unconscious body on the bed.