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It's unclear whether she cheated on Scrappy or if her relationship with the "Turn My Swag On" rapper came after, but whatever the case, Scrap feels slighted.Scrappy said he helped Diamond get her rap career on track, putting her needs before his own, and after their breakup, he felt used.

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This was mainly due to negotiation problems with Interscope records which meant a limited amount of records were made AM PT -- Soulja Boy was released from jail after posting k bail Thursday night around 11 PM. We're told he had been booked for felony possession of an assault weapon. READ MORE It looks like all of Soulja Boy's gun-toting has finally caught up to him -- he was just arrested after someone snitched on the rapper for threatening people online. READ MORE Shia La Beouf knows Soulja Boy doesn't mean it when he says don't come to Atlanta, 'cause Soulja's a sweet kid at heart -- or at least that's what he's assuming. READ MORE Shia La Beouf's got a funny way of ending his rap beef with Lil Yachty and Soulja Boy -- he just dropped his final diss track, but he's going out with a bang. READ MORE PM PT -- Nia tells TMZ she's NOT calling cops to report Soulja. Soulja Boy Girlfriend, Dating History: De Andre Cortez Way as professionally known with the Soulja Boy is one of the worldwide famous and top known American rapper.He has even worked as the actor and record producer.In the year 2007 he came up with the release of his single track named as “Crack That” that became worldwide famous and top the blockbuster charts.

Soulja Boy has been mentioned up in the list at the 18th spot in the Forbes list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings of 2010 with the approximate earning of million for that year.He has been given away with so many awards as in return of his music services.What To Know About Soulja Boy Dating History Records?"When that Diamond situation happened, it just taught me a real valuable lesson, 'cause I know, as I can see, I'm not a good judge of character," Lil Scrappy said when he appeared on June 20's "Rap Fix Live." "I ain't never had my little heart broken before, but now that it happened, I don't think it would happen for a long time," he said."But the good side about that is, you don't put nobody before God, don't ever put nobody before God, and I think I did a little bit of that trying to help her." Scrap said he has no beef with Soulja Boy, and SB is also taking the high road.womens gift ideas ...womens gifts - her birthday mens gift ideas...conversation for girlfriend, christmas gift idea for girlfriend birthday present for mom birthday presents for girls good birthday presents for girlfriend..personals best gift to get your boyfriend, something to get your girlfriend for her birthday. cool gifts for girlfriend romantic birthday ideas for her what to get your best friend for her birthday, christmas gift for your boyfriend.