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Have you consistently met men online who seem GREAT, but then you can’t seem to get them to get out from behind their computer screen and actually MEET you in person?

Don’t waste other people’s time, just as you would not want someone wasting yours.

Successfully dating online is all about being as time efficient as possible.

So before you contact someone, make sure you read their profile.

It’s very important to begin communication with someone you see online by addressing something substantive you liked or noticed about their profile.

This is an issue surrounding online dating that does not get discussed all that often, however, it is important to talk about because you want to minimize the amount of time you spend talking online to people with whom you will not connect in real life.

So here are 6 key tips to maximizing your chances of successfully transitioning from connecting with someone online to connecting with them in real life (and how to get men out from behind their computer screens and onto a real date! So don’t go back and forth forever with someone via email or phone before you have your first meeting. If you’re emailing back and forth with someone and enjoying it, then get on the phone with them because it is all about momentum.The person in whom you are interested may be corresponding with six, seven or ten other people. You want the meeting to happen quickly, and you want to make sure that you both drive to the place you’re meeting so you are able to leave when you want to leave.You want to be the one that sticks out among the group. So immediately, the minute after you have exchanged emails twice, get a phone number, talk on the phone and set up a meeting. Once you decide to meet, pick a place like a coffee shop or an activity like taking a walk where you both of you can come to meet each other. Chemistry is all about the voice and the physical presence, so never engage in these ongoing email marathon sessions with someone before you meet them.Don’t send winks to people who live 3,000 miles away from you. Now, don’t do that for one day then declare there to be no one in your area to meet so as to give yourself permission to re-expand your search area.Instead, keep looking within that same mile radius.Each of your photos need to clearly show who you are and what you’re all about.