Updating outlook calendar

(On the device, go to Settings Companion Link synchronizes Outlook data with phones and other supported desktop applications and web-based services (like Google).

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As of my last update to this page, v1.1 from March 2012 is the current version.

You cannot cancel these invitations, doing so may cancel the real meeting (as well as sending out a second mass mailing).

If you want the appointments in your default calendar, you'll need to drag them to it.

Switch to a list view, select all and drag or use the Move to Folder command. We have more information at Merging Two Calendar Folders This is an on-going problem with Outlook and i Phones: all day events without an end date don't display in the Day / Week / Month view. First, check your calendar settings and verify you are not using Low details view.

Can I make my i Cloud calendar default so the appointments are in my To-do bar?

The default calendar used by the To-Do Bar (and Outlook Today) is the one in your default pst file.

If the calendar view is set on High details, check your all days events for end dates.

Set the i Cloud calendar to use a List view, add the Recurrence Range End field to the View and sort by it.

In Outlook 2010: Go to File Move to Folder command.

Add the command to the appointment form's ribbon to make it easier. The i Cloud Outlook Add-in adds a Refresh button to the Calendar ribbon.

Cancelling the meeting sends out a second "email blast" and may remove the original meeting from everyone's calendar. This was reportedly fixed beginning with v.1.0.1 of the i Cloud applet.