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Your email accounts should now be listed down the left of the window.

Select the account that you want to change the settings of, then make sure the "Account Information" tab is selected in the area to the right of the list.

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It is part of whichever version of OS X you are running and is automatically the default Mail client on your Mac.

This download is purely an update for those suffering from stability issues in OS X 10.5.6.

This can be exceptionally frustrating to manage, especially when it persists after restarting your system.

If mail is constantly quitting after upgrading, and especially if it quits immediately when you open it, then there are several approaches you can take to fix this situation.

Instead of polling the server for new mail periodically, Mac OS X Mail just waits for incoming messages—which are sent automatically and pop up just about instantly.

After upgrading to OS X Yosemite, you might find Apple’s Mail application may crash or hang when you open it, preventing you from accessing any new messages.The setup process is extremely easy thanks to the Apple Mail Setup wizard which allows you to configure it to receive just about any kind of mail, including web services such as Hotmail and Gmail.Note that you can't download Apple Mail as a separate component.Remove Mail saved state OS X will save window locations and the open documents for most open programs, so if you quit the program these items will be restored when it is next launched.If after upgrading OS X there is some problem with how the prior saved state of Mail is being handled, then this could be the reason for Mail crashing.Launch Mail in Safe Mode When you open Mail, the program will show the last Mail message that you had selected, and if this message contains errors or corruption that is causing the crash, then this may trigger Mail to always crash when opened.