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Opening Mail in Notes (Fradiocey) --There's a variety of ways of opening a mail doc in Notes.Probably the most straightforward is to launch a "mailto:" link.After realising that a lot of people are ill-informed about Lotus Notes / Domino and its capabilities, I have established this blog (built on Lotus Notes! Does formula language and hide formulas work on a ma? A lot more would need to be discussed, such as whether your app uses Javascript to issue this button, and whether the Mac Book browser is enabled for Javascript, and so on. And they're worth every penny.(I think I responded earlier, but sometimes it doesn't get through the interweb.)The Submit button code is being run by the server, so it's not specifically the problem.

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Uh -- it's the server that actually runs the Submit button's formula. If the browser gets to the point of launching the Submit button, then it's run onserver.

More likely there is some Javascript upstream of your button.

However, this requires more extensive coding than "Hey, pop up an email."The Help documentation has a section, "Using OLE", that describes how to get the main objects.

You'll actually need both Notes UIWorkspace (to display a doc in Notes) & Notes Session (to retrieve the mail DB path).

Verse is available today for cloud users but it's in late beta stage today for on-prem installations and will be released soon. Type = RICHTEXT Then For Each va Attachment In va Item. Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT Then 'Save the attached file into the new folder. Name) 'If Dir(s File) = 0 Then ' Check for existing file va Attachment. Name 'Else ' Dim td Stamp As String ' td Stamp = Format(Now(), "yyyymmdd_hhnnss_") ' va Attachment. Eg Acro and HTML classesusing create object i assume? Could the create object not work because i do not have the OLE class libraries installed locally and if i do need them locally then how would one make it link to the notes designer? Then you don't have compile-time success that later crashes when you're on a machine that doesn't have the classes installed, you can check for runtime errors or null handles. It depends on the corruption, but the easiest, first attempt is to open it & press Shift-F9.

Is there a Lotus Notes API to determine if a document contains an embedded object? I always used locally-available COM objects, so if that's your situation, yes, that could be an issue. This'll rebuild the collection if the collection is corrupted.

Maybe the Web page tries to run the Javascript on-page, and it fails to complete / generates an error on Safari. Frameworks support more browsers, but they're a learning task unto themselves, and there are a lot of choices.

I'm sorry this leaves you with some digging to find the issue, but I hope it points you in the right direction. I am wondering if there is a way to trap incoming HTML emails and detect presence of a URL; i.e., ABC Inc. An HTML MIMEPart can be inspected through some objects in the Domino Object Model.

For example, an email document where the user used copy and paste to paste a spreadsheet. If the folder design itself is corrupted, it's more involved.

This typically shows as a gif file in the Louts Notes document. In the Domino DLL, object Notes Document Boolean property Has Embedded. Make a backup copy of your current DB, no docs, to a template (when copying, give the empty copy a extension not a .nsf). Create a new folder & drag out as much of the contents as you can.

Set the form as "Memo" and any other fields as desired.