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Use the Android Share button to use Bluetooth to share the data, selecting your PC in the subsequent list.

If you’re not prompted to sign in, select one of the icons or menus to prompt for your details, choosing the same credentials you used to sign in with the mobile app.On your phone, browse to the file you’re sharing, select it and use the sharing menu to find Air Droid. Air Droid has been a great desktop console for sharing data between a PC and an Android device since it was first launched so if you haven’t tried it already, now is the time.Connecting your phone to your PC with a cable may not have the slickness of using an app over Wi Fi, but it’s certainly effective.With the devices connected, select the USB tethering option in Settings Tethering & portable hotspot (a notification should appear that will give you quick access to this setting).The developer has designed the program as a response to Twitter's removal of the photo grid view feature.

While designed for that, you can use it to download photos quite easily from all Twitter accounts.As well as the various notification and tethering management tools, Air Droid can be used for a quick and easy file transfer to a Windows computer on the same Wi Fi network. Next, head to the URL displayed, download the desktop client from the link that is displayed.Unfortunately, you cannot share files from your phone to your PC via the web app.Should Wi Fi Direct not work natively, you might employ an app to take over.Super Beam | Wi Fi Direct Share is a free option but you’ll need the PRO version to send the data to your PC as required.If Wi Fi Direct isn’t an option however, there are some apps you can employ instead.