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Online, they often adapt their profiles to reflect their mindset and brand, with a strong focus on communicating their values.

Offline, it’s about networking and identifying target-rich environments, just as we all do in our careers.

The site aims at providing all the information required by the students in one place, and even enhance their understanding about their dream course.It is the best product for ones completing their higher education, as they can find out everything about the colleges, including minor information like basis of entrance, date of entrance exam, contact address.As a psychologist and dating coach I meet many women, some on the cusp of their fertility time bomb, who come to me asking, ‘Why am I still single?’, ‘Why do I keep dating the same man in different clothing‘? ’ And I often wonder, why don’t women apply our career smarts to our dating life?So, start thinking about how you can leverage your career strengths in your personal life.

Model your own behaviour and learn from your own successes. Want to delve deeper into the three steps to dating success with Melanie in person?Now, you might say, ‘That sounds very calculating and not very romantic.‘ I have to disagree.Strategic dating certainly IS calculated, similar to career planning, but I would argue that it has the potential to be more romantic than the hit-and-miss, leave-it-to-chance dating approach.Your dating brand is an expression of who you are, what you believe and what you want. Authentic dating strategy Once you have a positive mindset and brand clarity, you can develop the right strategy.I generally advise my clients to take a dual approach, with online and offline dating tactics in place.Inspired by the compelling motive of the first hand pain it took to get the precise assistance, they have gathered information from all the sources and made it available to everyone.