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The broken window panes, the tumbledown plaster, the Art Nouveau door handles replaced by standard ones... On the other hand there haven't been destruction/reconstruction programs as in western Europe so nearly all the original Art Nouveau buildings are up.Art Nouveau apart, you should also have a romantic walk across the Vlata on Charles' bridge, see the great astronomical clock (which is unique in Europe apart the one in Strasbourg in France), the rectangle stone towers, part of the ancient city wall, with their typical steep slated roof and their 4 peaks in the angles.

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Geographically, Prague was not as large of today, a lot of AN buildings that are today in Prague were in fact in other little independent towns like Smichov. As nearly all large towns of that time in Europe, Prague grew at high speed.The period is contemporary to fast rural depopulation combined with start of industry.Some whole areas of the town were designed in the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil style.Once you are out of the inner center of the town, you will see that the general state of the buildings is painful.Flowers delivered and ordered from Avas Flowers can be shipped directly to your home or office.

Luckily unless you're paranoid, you won't have to worry about an Avas Flowers arrangement watching your every move.If you have questions or suggestions, please email Richard at his [email protected] address.Any content (original photos or text) which is displayed herein is for the strict viewing and educational enlightenment for those who visit this website.Also featured on page 118 of Keith Melton's "The Ultimate Spy Book" (1996 edition).Excellent technical details can be found in Louis Meulstee's book "Wireless for the Warrior - Volume 4" in the "USA Radio Receivers and Transmitters" section.which extend from must not be copied nor reproduced without the explicit consent of the author Richard Brisson at his [email protected] address.