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Late January and early February always feel like the blah part of winter, I think, and that has definitely been true this year! Before you throw out that wrapping paper, consider making this craft with your children! a FREE download of this song please visit Christmas to all!After a stomach bug and a head cold made the rounds in our house last week (well, they’re still circling but on their way out… This is a great idea for those after-Christmas blues where kids are still out of school and very bored! What do you do with all of the paper and scraps when the fun is over? Have you ever tried recycling the paper, bows, and other materials?

C., which sits on land that was originally part of Montgomery and Prince George's counties and including the town of Georgetown, Maryland.

This land was ceded to the United States Federal Government in 1790 to form the District of Columbia.

Many foreign species are cultivated in the state, some as ornamentals, others as novelty species.

Included among these are the crape myrtle, Italian cypress, live oak in the warmer parts of the state, USDA plant hardiness zones in the state range from Zones 5 and 6 in the extreme western part of the state to Zone 7 in the central part, and Zone 8 around the southern part of the coast, the bay area, and parts of metropolitan Baltimore.

C., which was established on land donated by the state.

Maryland is one of the smallest states in terms of area, as well as one of the most densely populated, with around six million residents.The state is named after Henrietta Maria of France, the wife of Charles I of England.Maryland was the seventh state to ratify the United States Constitution, and played a pivotal role in the founding of Washington, D.Maryland is bounded on its north by Pennsylvania, on its west by West Virginia, on its east by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean, and on its south, across the Potomac River, by West Virginia and Virginia.The mid-portion of this border is interrupted by Washington, D.Portions of Maryland are included in various official and unofficial geographic regions.