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This was one of the first infographics ever made: Later remembered as "the map that made a nation cry", it depicts Napoleon's failed invasion of Russia in 1812.

The wide tan swath shows his Grande Armée, almost half a million strong, marching East to Moscow; the black trickle shows the few who straggled back.

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Scurlock has since told Pitchfork he had endured years of verbal abuse from Coyne, while Coyne told Rolling Stone that Scurlock is a “pathological liar” who “just wasn’t a very significant musical part of the Flaming Lips anyway.”Harsh.But it’s hardly the first time some Flaming Lips sideshow has become the main focus.So we're getting a little insight into the real-world implications of a label.This is the "complete path" plot for men: Things to notice: (1) almost no men choose as self-descriptions, so those words aren't plotted here; (2) men of all body types have roughly the same peak sex drive; (3) and the thing that matters most for guys is simply to not be overweight.The line also gives us a handy sliding scale: given a 36-week school year and the average partner, every ,000 spent on your college tuition is an extra time you could be having sex that year.

The correlation between sex and money is robust for colleges, but it gets even stronger when extended to entire nations.Speaking of Guatemala, you should Facebook-like this article. Where Wayne Coyne and the Flaming Lips were once known for their music, trippy videos and incredibly fun live shows featuring Coyne walking around in a human hamster ball, onstage dancers in animal costumes and confetti — so much confetti — things have recently gotten weird, and that’s saying something.But beyond the words the interesting thing is how men's and women's preferences change with age: This dataset only includes single people, of course, but I was still very surprised at how many old men like it rough. There is also this: If someone tweets every day, it's 2-to-1 that they're #ingthemselves just as often. As you can see as you move the control from left to right, a woman's sexuality peaks in her twenties, holds more or less steady for twenty years, and then falls to the floor.Looks like I'm going to have to rethink a cherished part of my worldview. Like the "shorter relationships" thing, this is true across all age and gender groups. And while sex drive waxes and wanes, self-confidence steadily grows.We were amazed at this result—money seems to be a more powerful influence on sex drive than culture or even religion.