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Physiological adaptations (primarily metabolic and reproductive endocrine changes) to infectious diseases; immune-endocrine interactions; ecological immunology; emerging infectious diseases; ecotourism; male reproductive ecology; human life history evolution; behavioral endocrinology.

Susan realized there was much more going on than what she had originally perceived.

To be able to capture some of this on canvas quickly became a desire and goal.

Algorithmic and statistical problems in bioinformatics, particularly in: repeats and segmental duplication in eukaryotic genomes; fragment assembly in DNA sequencing; mass spectrometry data analysis for proteomics, glycomics and glycoproteomics; gene regulatory analysis.

Libby advises undergraduate students in animal behavior, biology, and microbiology, as well as students who are considering these degree programs.

Provides individualized training, consultation, equipment and bench space to members of the IU community interested in using molecular and endocrine techniques in their research. Development of a metal switch for controlling the activity of P-loop NTPases; kinetic and thermodynamic investigations of unconventional kinesin-microtubule systems; high resolution structural and mechanistic studies of tubulin-protein interactions.

Jordan advises undergraduate students in biology, microbiology, and animal behavior as well as students who are considering these degree programs. (Biotechnology Program)Mechanisms and regulation of biofilm formation, natural transformation, and metabolism in Vibrio cholerae.Coordinates the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant program. Complete the digitization (imaging, databasing, and georeferencing) of the IU herbarium in Symbiota and assist other herbaria in Indiana in getting their collections digitized in the Consortium of Midwestern Herbaria data system.Care for plants in the Jordan Hall Greenhouses, Botany Field and other satellite areas; work includes watering, fertilizing, weed and pest control, and other activities as specified by the individual researchers.She assists students in planning coursework compatible with their interests and program requirements; confers with prospective students and parents; and makes referrals to other IU personnel for further information on specific programs and services.Evolution and Development; Insect Genomics; Developmental Plasticity; Behavioral Ecology and Sexual Selection; Insect Endocrinology; Invasive Species and post-invasion Evolution; Natural History of Onthophagus beetles.Having grown up writing, Susan realized most of what she wrote about were her impressions of nature: the light, the colors, the ever changing mood, but most of all, the way she felt when in the Natural World. She moved to Boulder, CO in 1994 where she received her training as a practitioner of The Rolf Method of Structural Integration and then opened her practice in Crested Butte in 1996.