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The top is in perfect condition but the rest of it is completely destroyed.

In the corner of the bar is what appears to be newly broken glass.

It is said that the old man used to live in the man caves at the top of the hill and kill prostitutes up there on the weekends.

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As soon as the elevator doors open you are hit with a gust of hot air.As you walk further through the floor there is the remains or what used to be a bar.The force fields also make a static/hissing sound when encountered. Visitors got the corner room of the center building on the first floor. There were cold spots, voices in the bathroom, the water ran by itself, the TV kept turning on and off on it's own, changing channels by itself, and the door kept unlocking. You can hear screaming, footsteps and bodies being drug.You can see a lantern swinging as if someone is walking down the trail and you can see an apparition of an old man coming after you.Also, shadows appear in the corner of the eye, and then immediately disappear if looked at directly. ) has it that a murder took place many years ago, or that a student hung herself in one of the locker rooms.

Supposedly the building was built on or near a Native American grave.

First off its called The Arroyo and the woman's name is "La Llorona." its an old legend told to children by their parents. There is said to be glowing rooms in unused portions of the hospital.

There are also invisible "force fields" that do not allow a person to pass. Located at 5000 Central Ave SE it's a cheap and easy place to stay when you're headed west on I40.

No one knows how it was there because there were no employees up there recently and none of the windows were broken.

From one of the staff, the corner room, of this big hotel is haunted by a young broken hearted lady, where her once true love killed her because he wanted her out of her life.

A young boy was killed backstage when a hot water pipe burst from the theater's boiler.