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The Mikkelsons have stressed the reference portion of the name Urban Legends Reference Pages, indicating that their intention is not merely to dismiss or confirm misconceptions and rumors but to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well.

One fictional legend alleged that the children's nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence" was really a coded reference used by pirates to recruit members.

They are charged £75 an hour for the service, and another £25 if they want a ‘messy change’.

The couple have been running adult nurseries, part of the booming ‘adult baby’ industry, for 14 years- but were recently forced to leave their home in Portsmouth after they were attacked at their front door by disgruntled neighbours who branded them “perverts”, the Liverpool Echo reports.

In 2012, The Florida Times-Union reported that's urban legends researcher found a "consistent effort to provide even-handed analyses" and that Snopes' cited sources and numerous reputable analyses of its content confirm its accuracy.

In mid-2013,'s Alexa rating was 2,720, with the average user spending 1.83 minutes per day on the site and 27,272 sites linking in.These pictures show the inside of a bizarre adult baby fetish nursery, where clients pay to wear man-sized nappies, sleep in cots, and even sit in a high chair to eat meals.Customer are cared for by ‘Mummy Maxine’ alongside her husband, adult baby Derek Ventham, at their new home in Liverpool.He said: “As soon as you mention adult babies, they say ‘you’re a paedophile’.We don’t want to be with children, we want to be the child.Half an hour in a nappy, and my stress is gone.” Adult baby Derek even offers to pick clients up from Lime Street Station for a modest £5, or from Liverpool John Lennon Airport for £10.