Raptr not updating twitter

They can be uploaded to and shared to Facebook and Twitter, complete with hashtags (#Because Yolo? During the Facebook social game explosion of 2009-2010, game notifications were a blight, filling friends' feeds with obnoxious requests for in-game items or assistance.

She clicked on it thinking it was an important update (all our 3 laptops - including a 2012 Toshiba Satellite of mine have a "AMD Radeon" sticker on them) and a larger popup (in part) informed her it would take some time.

Not having time on that day she closed the second window.

Nor did SFC and even a diskcheck wouldn't run past 12%.

Up to 20 minutes of previous gameplay can be recorded after it happened and video of unlimited length can be streamed on demand.

It's a feature that allows players to share their accomplishments with their friends, perhaps expecting them to proffer a celebratory pat on the back or something.

At least that's how the app developers would prefer players look at it.

If you're excited about something that happened, just tweet it manually.

No, not your entire Twitter account (though I suppose that would work too).

There will be wailing and screaming and gnashing of teeth.

There will be people following @App Spam Forever, defeating the very purpose of a secondary spam account.

We're the modern-day equivalent of tiny classified ads.