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And then I am sanity checking that the module was properly installed by listing all the CAU cmdlets.The same cmdlets are included below in text for convenience: To make sure that CAU GUI application was properly installed along with CAU PS cmdlets, you can sanity check that Server Manager is ready to launch CAU, as in the next screen shot.

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When you click the “Next” button, you see the screen as in the following screen shot: Note that you must choose the red-circled “Add the CAU clustered role..” action, in order to get to the next wizard screen.CAU clustered role is the Self-Updating functionality for the cluster.In previous releases of Windows, the server updating tools (e.g.WSUS) did not factor in the fact that a group of servers could be members of a highly-available cluster.Look at the following screen shot for how to install it from Server Manager on that computer: Alternatively, you can also install CAU tools via PS cmdlet option.

See this screen shot below: As you can see I am installing the “RSAT-Clustering” Windows Feature, which installs the “Cluster Aware Updating” PS module.

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At a high level, there are three things you need to do to get the end-to-end scenario working and operating seamlessly with your existing patching infrastructure such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), on a Windows Server 2012 failover cluster: 1.

Install CAU tools on the Windows Server 2012 (or Windows 8 Client) computer that you want to run it from. Configure self-updating on the desired failover cluster 3. Install CAU tools Installation of CAU is very easy: CAU tools are a part of Failover Clustering Tools.

This list is auto-populated for you everytime GUI starts up.