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What items have replaced God in our communications media? And all of that body beautiful is somehow related to that sexual idolatry. The rebels have totally overthrown traditional Christian values and morals and they've come up with the new theology of the god of immorality.Only sex, money, and self-love satisfy the time and energy requirements for what is sacred in our culture. Obviously we are very much aware that daily we are bombarded with this encroaching sexual idolatry. Now to help you understand this theology of the god of immorality, let me just see if I can't give you some of the basic tenets of this particular theology. The truth is immorality destroys instead of pleasing and helping others.Upon graduation, he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and achieved a Master of Divinity degree.

Washer's sermons tend to have an evangelistic focus on the gospel and the doctrine of the assurance of salvation and predestination, and he frequently speaks against modern church practices such as the sinner's prayer, and a focus on numerical church growth.

Washer says he had a born again experience while studying to become an oil and gas lawyer at the University of Texas.

This may seem overly protective or an ancient practice, but as I stated in my sermon, the recreational dating methods are relatively new in terms of human history.

The recreational dating routine became popularized sometime over the last 100 years.

After graduating, he moved to Peru and served there as a missionary for ten years, during which time he founded the Heart Cry Missionary Society in order to support Peruvian church planters.

Heart Cry's work now supports indigenous missionaries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia, and Latin America.Recently I noted as I was going through the first section of the L. Times a half-dressed girl advertising the body beautiful on every single page of the first section of the L. Here's one: Since people are basically good everything they do is basically good, and their sexual activity is just a way to please others. The second in their theological statement might go like this: Since immorality or sexual activity is only a biological function like eating, it is a necessity that must be satisfied without restrictions.In other words, we're simply biological creatures, we're simply...we're simply the last step at least for now in the evolutionary chain, and we ought to function in accord with whatever instincts are operating within us.And the theology of the new idol god, the new god, sex, would also have another principle that might go like this: Instant pleasure is much more important than delayed gratification. Another one of their tenets might say something like this: Good sex relations mean a good relationship, so start every relationship with sex and if it’s good it will lead to a good relationship. You see, there were absolutely no Christian traditions anywhere in the fabric of Thessalonica because Christianity hadn't even arrived there yet.Live together to determine sexual compatibility, then you can decide whether you want to get married. At least in America we have something we can go back to that is still found at points in the fabric of our laws and how we live. The result of all of these kinds of things is a destroyed family, and the result of destroyed families is destroyed society.The way God presented her reveals the importance and sacredness of marriage.