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His highest-profile roles of the decade were opposite Michael Caine in a TV movie of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and playing the pre-presidential John F. He began reconstructing his career playing the detective in Wes Craven's Scream 3, then landed recurring roles on Will & Grace and Once & Again.He played Reese Witherspoon's big-city fianc in Sweet Home Alabama, but even after that film's success, Dempsey says he was offered no work for a year.Mother: Amanda Dempsey Lowell (school secretary, b. 2014 cancer)Father: Howard Lowell (stepfather, organic farmer)Sister: Mary Dempsey (hospital worker)Wife: Rochelle Parker ("Rocky", acting coach, b.

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He landed the role of David for the play's San Francisco production, then had to ask his parents to let him drop out of high school and move to San Francisco to take the role. For several years Dempsey toured in numerous stage productions, and still baby-faced at 23 he played his first film role as a troublemaker at a Catholic high school in Heaven Help Us with Andrew Mc Carthy and Kevin Dillon.

His first TV series was the quickly-canceled sitcomization of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, titled just plain Fast Times.

Dempsey supposedly took full responsibility for cracks in his marriage to Fink, and decided to do whatever it takes to keep his family together.

The past several months consisted of Dempsey and Fink showing up together in different events, and having more date nights.

Sources claimed that when Fink filed for divorce, it was a wake-up call for Dempsey to repair the marriage instead of going through with terminating the marriage.

Another insider came forward and stated that Dempsey was going through a mid-life crisis at the time the marriage was falling apart.He loves The Foo Fighters, still skies, collects antiques, and he is part-owner of the Vision Racing team in the open-wheel Indy Racing League. 1965)Daughter: Noelle Parker (stepdaughter, actress, b. In 2013, through his company Global Baristas, Dempsey purchased the Seattle-based coffeeshop chain Tully's. Dempsey's other films in that genre, though, generally failed at the box office -- Meatballs III with Sally Kellerman as a dead porn star helping him lose his virginity; In the Mood with Dempsey as a 1940s teenaged lothario who seduced older women; Some Girls with Jennifer Connelly as Dempsey's girlfriend with two implausibly sexier sisters; and Loverboy with Dempsey providing sexual services to older women under the ruse of delivering pizza "with anchovies." With flop after flop, Hollywood producers became less and less interested in hiring Dempsey for prominent roles. Bitten by a monkey, he had the dubious distinction of being first to die in Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo.In the 1990s, he seemed to disappear, but he was still working on television and in numerous films that either bombed at the box office or went straight to video. Toward the end of the decade, Dempsey turned to modeling to augment his income.Patrick Dempsey has his own official site dedicated to his racing team.