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This works even when the query returns records from more than one table.

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However, if you have multiple steps, Append queries have a clear advantage. Database Dim str SQL As String On Error Go To PROC_ERR Set dbs = Current Db() str SQL = "DELETE * FROM " & str Table Name dbs.Execute str SQL Empty Table = True PROC_EXIT: Exit Function PROC_ERR: Empty Table = False Resume PROC_EXIT End Function If you use temporary tables, you need to consider multi-user issues.Similarly, if your Customer table has a field to store summarized information, an Update Query should do the trick: qry Update Customer query: Attempt to update field with data from a Summary query If you run this query, you get this error message: Query Failed: Operation must use an updateable query This is very annoying.One way to resolve this is to use module code to open two recordsets: one for the Customers table and one for the qry Customer Sales query, then manually update the Customers records.In the Edit DWORD Value window, select Decimal Modify the number in the Value text field as required (perhaps up it by 4x?

) Click OKReboot ——— Or temporarily change the entry on a per database file basis by using Set Option in your VBA code – see: (Method 2) ========= EXAMPLES ——— ========= APPLIES TO / KEY WORDS ——— Microsoft Access Error Sync ========= REF ——— — Site any Site any Site Apple ASP.

By default, Access Select queries are updateable (editable).

When you view the datasheet of a Select query, you can edit the results and your changes are saved in the underlying table.

They allow you to perform a wide variety of very powerful analysis and actions.

They can be chained together (one query uses another query), and are used throughout MS Access forms and reports. Most users are familiar with queries that generate results: select queries, select queries with totals, and crosstabs (which Excel users appreciate the most).

This paper discusses some ways around this limitation.