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In 1904, when the electric light cables were being laid along this footpath, a corner of the coffin was disclosed.It was not disturbed, but a bottle containing an inscription and newspaper of the day was placed inside, and the coffin cemented over.The first was in George street North, in the vicinity of an eye-sore to the city; during the day boys played between the tombstones and at night it was the haunt of bad characters.There yet probably remain a number of coffins in the Town Hall grounds, while others may have the Globe street; the second was near the corner of Clarence and Margaret streets; and the third was on the Town Hall site, and was in use as early as 1793, and closed as a cemetery in 1820.The site was chosen by governor Arthur Phillip and Reverend Richard Johnson, primarily because it was then on the outskirts of the settlement.

In 1812 the original block set aside for the cemetery had to be extended as the population of the town grew.It was not formally gazetted as a burial ground, no trustees were appointed while the cemetery was active and it was apparently not consecrated.The Church of England clergy officiated at funerals, but according to the Reverend William Cowper, "the dead of all communions were interred indiscriminately" and no formal cemetery register or plan of the burials was kept. There were no apparent denominational divisions but some social distinctions were maintained.Early Sydney residents recalled that the military were buried in different parts of the cemetery.The corner close to Kent Street hosted graves of the non-commissioned officers of the 46th and 48th Regiment.The British custom mostly involved burying people in graveyards attached to a local church but there were no churches in the first years of the colony.