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I also tried googling "1968 FN Browning rifle" to see if my SN was close to that one, and there were very few results. Winchester_73, As you know they did replace some stocks and yours could of been one but that doesn't hurt the value.

Then I tried "1958 FN browning rifle" and found 1 result with a SN that started with "L", it was LXXXX with 4 numbers. I have since placed a Weaver V9 on the gun but have yet to shoot it. I'm sure there may be some records as to serial # but that never figured into the value of your rifle.

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Replacement stocks have a date in a circle stamped in ink inside the stock.All of the salt wood stocks were Claro walnut, yours is European walnut.Thus in the word unmistakable, mistake is the stem, un- is the prefix and –able is the suffix. In the word disqualified, qualify is the stem, dis- is the prefix and –ed is the suffix. The main function of suffixes in Modern English is to form one part of speech from another, the secondary function is to change the lexical meaning of the same part of speech. educate is a verb, educatee is a noun, and music is a noun, musicdom is also a noun) . Suffixes changing the lexical meaning of the stem can be subdivided into groups, e.g. While speaking about suffixes we should also mention compound suffixes which are added to the stem at the same time, such as -ably, -ibly, (terribly, reasonably), -ation (adaptation from adapt).

There are different classifications of suffixes : 1. Suffixes which can form different parts of speech are given here : a) noun-forming suffixes, such as : -er (criticizer), -dom (officialdom), -ism (ageism), b) adjective-forming suffixes, such as : -able (breathable), less (symptomless), -ous (prestigious), c) verb-forming suffixes, such as -ize (computerize) , -ify (micrify), d) adverb-forming suffixes , such as : -ly (singly), -ward (tableward), e) numeral-forming suffixes, such as -teen (sixteen), -ty (seventy). noun-forming suffixes can denote: a) the agent of the action, e.g. There are also disputable cases whether we have a suffix or a root morpheme in the structure of a word, in such cases we call such morphemes semi-suffixes, and words with such suffixes can be classified either as derived words or as compound words, e.g.

British lexicographers treat such words as derived ones.

I recently purchased a Belgian Browning FN Safari grade rifle.

Capacity Make five words by using the suffix –fy 1. To check the truth and accuracy of something (Ve……………………..) 5.

To show that there is a good reason for something (Ju……………………) 4.

Suffixes can be polysemantic, such as : -er can form nouns with the following meanings : agent,doer of the action expressed by the stem (speaker), profession, occupation (teacher), a device, a tool (transmitter).