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I’ve applied to various Wawa stores I get a first interview and I never hear from any hiring managers after the initial interview let alone a job offer.This is so baffling to me and my family as I have begun to believe that I’m being discriminated by your managers and General managers here in the Tampa area. I am not interested in any free things nor gift cards.

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The damage had been done, of course, which is why we’re looking at four years of kleptocracy, at the very least, and maybe even autocracy and the end of the world.

Good job, Jim Comey, you protected America THE BESTEST. It involves KNOWINGLY removing classified information, and violating it is a misdemeanor. Fuck, the man doesn’t use email, so we’re pretty sure he doesn’t even know what the hell an email server actually , doesn’t know what Hillary did or did not do with her email server, and besides, it doesn’t matter, because he beat her by Negative Few Million Votes, right? As for David Petraeus, Trump is probably forgiving, because he only did it for the nookie, which, in Donald Trump’s Land Of Boners, is totally normal and just the way things are done.

I constantly see him touching a female employee every time i walk into the store. It is unprofessional for that kind of sexual behavior to be happening in such a wonderful work place.

I don’t like walking into wawas and seeing sexual behavior.

Let’s journey back in time to the pre-11/9 world, when all we heard from Trump was that Crooked Hillary Clinton is the devil, oh what she did with her Private Email Server was so bad, this is worse than Watergate, folks, you’ll see.

That was the mantra we heard over and over again during the campaign, even though FBI Director James Comey found conclusively that Hillary Clinton had done nothing worthy of prosecution with her email server, and that even though a tiny bit of classified info made its way onto it, she had not knowingly done anything wrong.

Reply Hi Wawa; My name is Jose G Echevarria of Tampa, Florida and I would like to know what kind of rocket science must I possess in order for myself to get hired as a customer associate for one of your stores here in Tampa, Florida.

I have over 30 years of customer service experience, which includes cashier, stocking shelves, cooking food, prepping food, cleaning, interacting with customers, and troubleshooting issues with customers among other experiences.

That is not WAWA’s fault it’s the generation but WAWA needs to find a manager who can impress upon the employees that there is respect in doing a job correctly and with a smile.

I enjoy the business but do not need the business and will find another source if this is not corrected.

We also heard from Trump that what Hillary did was WAY worse than what Petraeus did, with his willful mishandling of classified information (showing it to his crazy mistress to get his dick more wet).