Is damon fizzy really dating taylor swift

'Friendly relations between Scotland and America': Taylor posted this adorable photo nearly a year ago of ehr and ex Calvin which currently has 2.6million likes for one of the most liked images on Instagram He was four years her junior, and his family said their romance was ‘very sweet’, but no one was too surprised when they broke up four months later — Kennedy was jettisoned in favour of a Harry Styles, the One Direction superstar who was the hottest young man in the world.

Her history of publicity-soaked but brief romances has led to plenty of speculation about what is really going on in her life.

The girl in the dress cried the whole way home.’Enter actor Jake Gyllenhaal, on the cusp of movie greatness, having been nominated for an Oscar for his role in Brokeback Mountain in 2006.

Which means they're extremely lucky, their Swift-dar is well-tuned..perhaps they're being tipped off. What if Taylor Swift―who also loves her music, her fans, and her business―is filming a music video? Also interesting: The images from their worldwide love tour have almost all been captured by the same photo agency. Hey, it makes sense that the two are taking it on their lurve journey―So...maaaaybe it's love..maybe we have a big, elaborate (which Swift's videos/mini-movies already tend to be), Beyoncé/Justin Bieber style album and video drop in our future and the great, super cute actor Tom Hiddleston is a part of that. Nate Ruess of the band Fun, formerly of the Format, once sang, "I love love/I love being in love/I don't care what it does to me," a very nice sentiment that I agree with. But some are bigger fans of love than others, and there's one person who's universally acknowledged as an upper echelon member of the love fan club: Taylor Swift. She very clearly loves being in love―which is why her newest love short story with actor Tom Hiddleston isn't wholly unbelievable. But then every famous man she’s dated — and they’ve all been famous — has been with her when he is at the peak of his power, plastered relentlessly all over her social media accounts. Watch them seal their mutual attraction by taking matching selfies!

And then the relationship has ended, which cynics suggest generally occurs after she has experienced enough heartbreak to write a hit song about it. You have to wonder what on earth Tom Hiddleston, who has a double first in Classics from Cambridge, has got himself into.

here are certain people that are just good people in the industry.

So, yeah, we met him substantially like a year ago, maybe a year and a half, but yeah, excellent guy, unequivocally unequivocally excellent guy.” Check out the video to hear Sheeran speak some-more about Harris!

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I don’t know what it is about this girl, but she gives my eyeballs a case of the rolls.

We can now add a Kennedy to the list of celebrities who have wooed Taylor Swift."Taylor is officially dating Conor Kennedy," a source confirms to Us Weekly.(Swift was previously linked to Conor's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger after she was photographed hanging with the model with the Kennedys on July 4.) It has been a tragic, tumultuous time for young Conor, whose troubled mom Mary Kennedy hung herself in the family's estate in Bedford, New York in May.