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When he became an adult, he earned the title as the most prolific serial killer in the history of South Carolina.

Gaskins tortured, killed and at times then ate his victims. In his taped memoirs for the book, by author Wilton Earl, Gaskins said, ' I have walked the same path as God, by taking lives and making others afraid, I became God's equal. Through my own power, I come to my own redemption..' Donald Gaskins was born on March 13, 1933, in Florence County, South Carolina.

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All I see are toddlers and babies being called Payton or Emily! In defense of Blue Somehow, we Americans DO drop our T's a lot.Examples are the way we say words like, "frighten" and "satin".It is sad that we don't take more care and that we mostly follow the herd and cave-in to lazy pronunciation of our language. How do you think names ever get started to begin with?Someone, somewhere a long time ago had to decide a certain set of sounds, like "fran" and "sis" sounded good together and decided to name their kid Francis!BTW, I a noticed that a lot of the Paytons here are September babies and so am I! However, it is "girlish" enough not to be intimidating and I have received tons of positive comments on it. Not to be greedy or anything but I love my name and couldn't imagine it being anything other than this.

Just some of my personal experiences/ thoughts :) Sounds like you're naming your child "Painting". I don't like it for boys and I especially don't like it for girls and it's one of those names I wish wasn't on the charts. Many friends and family members call me P-Ri, Pey Ri, and many more adorable nicknames.

Very few of us say "fry-tin" or "sa-tin"; we generally say "fryt-n" and "sat-n" with the T being insinuated at the end of the first syllable and not fully said at the beginning of the second syllable where it belongs.

It may be "imperfect" pronunciation but it has come to be almost universal in American speech.

I have grown very well to the name and the name Peyton sounds and fits a women just as much as it fits a toddler or a baby.

Donald Gaskins had all the makings of a serial killer as a child.

I do prefer the spelling Payton just because pay is spelled pay not pey. I also don't think it makes me any less mature, intelligent or lady like just because of my name. I just turned 18 and my name's Payton, and seeing as it came into popularity more recently, I am older than most Payton's out there, so let me offer some insight.