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I haven't touched my reciprocating saw since the turn of the millennium, but in recent years I've become a practitioner of what I now think of as microrenovation: Approaching "finished" rooms with dispassionate objectivity and finding small ways to make them better.

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It seems like every few months there’s a home design trend that breezes in, captivates us, and then trickles down to the masses, slowly making its way to the interiors of a 7th grader’s locker at school.

(Chevron, I’m talking to you.) That’s why designer Rex If you do want to incorporate trendy elements in your home, more power to you! But it makes much more sense to do so in a non-permanent, inexpensive way — ya know, just in case you change your mind about that massive chevron accent wall.

Copper pots and pans are also great, because they can double as hanging art if stored in plain sight.

The Trend: Geometric tiles The Quick Fix: Instead of ripping up and re-flooring your entire bathroom, tap into the trend by displaying cool, mismatched tiles on some empty shelf space.

Even with rising values and reduced inventory in certain markets, selling a home remains challenging.

Buyers expect not just a shiny new stainless sink but pruned hedges, freshly painted walls, glistening hardwood floors, and more.It’ll add some depth and character to the room that you never knew was missing.The Trend: Scandinavian design elements The Quick Fix: Don’t replace your kitchen cabinet storage with minimal shelving just because “Scandinavia is so hot right now.” Instead, switch out your traditional barstools with something a little more minimal and crisp.Making everything look great can cost a pretty penny, and many sellers won’t be able to afford all the suggestions you might make.You can help them prioritize based on the condition of what’s needed most, what buyers in the area typically request, what competing houses offer, and — of course — cost.Give instant visual interest to your kitchen by mixing and matching multiple materials and textures.