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Immutable classes, mutable="false", cannot be updated or deleted by the application.This allows Hibernate to make some minor performance optimizations. I've been trying to figure out why my object's changes were not getting updated for over a day now. Have you tried setting (and saving) the Tag on the item, instead of adding items to the Tag class?I was able to use the session.merge() function for a class(table) having single column as primary key. If you want to update the parent, then get/load/find the parent, make your necessary updates on the POJO retrieved, and save that object.

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My question is what is the difference between the ...So, as outlined in : Automatic State Detection I understand that during a merge, the given instance is not reattached to the persistence context, but is instead returned by the merge operation.If I have a detached entity and I do a merge() for various reasons Hibernate does a SELECT against the database.My question is: if I have a detached entity and I know that it exists in the database and the data that it holds is identical to the one in the database, is there is a way to prevent Hibernate ...At the time of update, the parent is detached from the session, as are all the children.

I want to remove a child from the collection, and am able to do this with merge(), but not with update().If you didn't map the parent-child relationship as lazy="false", the children won't even have been read (unless you accessed them in your ... In other words, automatically insert the record if it doesn't exist in the database and automatically update the record if it already does exist? Ask For Help [b]Hibernate version:2[/b] [b]Name and version of the database you are using: Oracle9i[/b] [b]The generated SQL (show_sql=true):[/b] In Hibernate in every xml file generated by XDoclet I see a Hibernate comment as follows -------- View unanswered posts | View active topics Board index Hibernate & Java Persistence Hibernate Users All times are UTC - 5 hours [ DST ] merge/save Or Update problem Page 1 of 1 [ 2 posts ] Previous topic | Next topic Author Message cdon Post subject: merge/save Or Update problem Posted: Thu Sep ...I have come across a scenario where this would come in handy. Hi, not sure whether this is a bug or misuse, but I have an object containing a Any Type-reference (with cascade=all) that under some circumstances may be null.Hello, I'm quite a beginner using Hibernate and after reading several tutorials the following issue has arisen in my project. However, it doesn't guarantee that the identifier value will be assigned to the persistent instance immediately, the assignment might happen at flush time.I've an entity that has a large number of relationships, where some of them have also several relationships with other entities. The spec doesn't say that, which is the problem I have with persist().I have numerous threads which can potentially write to the same record in a table. If I then try to merge in an object that has content for the Any Type-reference, the merge() fails with a Null Pointer Exception in Any Modified(), when Hibernate tries to check whether the anytype-object has been updated. Hibernate version: 3.1.2 Hi Everyone, My problem is the following: I'm working on a 3 tier application. I've got a problem with entity A that I load, modify and then merge.