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I am honest and blunt, sometimes that pisses people off but I rather be up front then hide things.

I speculate that between the folds of fat it's like an odor factory. Sure they want a cool guy, and may even have a specific 'type,' but they don't start making up checklists.That's why fatties try to cover it up with perfume. Seems like checklists are a way for an ugly girl to make herself feel high value - "If I weren't hot shit, how could I get away with having so many demands?The woman with poorer looks/greater baggage is more delusional, but the attractive chick with baggage also over-values herself.As men we'd all prefer to be with a more attractive woman, but she doesn't necessarily add value to your life. The folds, some of which are on their backs and can't be reached.She also mentions all of the sweat from moving around an obese body, and the greasy hair, and not being able to shave her legs. Short answer, it depends on how fat you are, but for the morbidly obese not really.

All fat people begin to develop an odor of fatness - it's from the sweat of moving around that weight all the time.the fatties, it's about pointing out instances of fatty logic and ugg delusion to the like-minded members of this forum.## I've included a sizable portion of this profile because it's just that fucking bad. I don't do online game, but if I did, I wouldn't even look at these girls profiles!There may be folds in the front that they aren't strong enough to lift up and get under. They'd need to submerge in a small swimming pool-sized bathtub, so the fat would float up, and they could hopefully get underneath everything they needed to, or at least some soapy water could get in some of the other places they couldn't reach. This same guy had open heart surgery the same week his son was born.Many years ago there was a lawyer that I knew that was extremely heavy, and had a number of health problems as a result. He was laying on a table with his chest open on Tuesday, and his kid was born on Friday.He had to have hernia surgery, and what was expected to be a routine operation ran a couple of hours longer, because they didn't anticipate the fat they would have to move out of the way and hold in place to perform the surgery. I went to the Bris for the kid, and he unbuttons his shirt to show me the fresh scar down the middle of his chest.