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Repeat the Check Switch, Test, Done sequence for that satellite.

When you're all done, press: Done At this point, press "0" three times. You should get a 015 dialog saying the dish is acquiring the signal(s). When it is done, you should see another dialog stating the Program Guide is being downloaded.

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Alternatively, you've noticed the Guide is full of "No Information Available" descriptions.For either case, here's a simple prescription that usually works. Move left to fill in your "Zip Code", then right to choose one of your satellites.Press the following buttons in sequence: Menu, 6, 1, 1. Now use your up/down arrow to choose an option on the right side, and press "Select" to activate it. Check Switch (brings up "Installation Summary" screen)Test (which results in a 158 dialog box - wait until it finishes)Done (visually check that everything is OK)You may have to test another satellite.Move to the Satellite field, and go up/down to choose another of your satellites. DISH Anywhere currently does not support Microsoft's Edge browser.

You can continue to use the website, but some features and functionality may not behave as expected.

The SAT button should start blinking, and the other three mode lights should go out.

4) Pick a number 1 through 12 other than the current Remote Address (newer receivers can use addresses 1 through 16).

Depending on the model of your dish equipment, the power button may be located under a panel on the front of the receiver.

Press and hold the “Power” button until the receiver shuts down.

To fix the problem, you'll need to set the receiver's remote address to a different number.1. You can also find System Info in the menu; open the menu, press 6 for System Setup, press 1 for Installation, then press 3 for System Info.