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My contract is coming to an end in a few months and I really have to make major decisions in the next few months,” he said.

If ever he gets into a new relationship, Ramsay said he is not the type of guy who would hide it. I am the type of guy na hindi ko matatago yan kasi makikita niyo,” she said.

After being photographed together, the Derek-Cristine Reyes rumors have died down.

There are some quarters saying that Cristalle and Derek are only close friends.

In the past months, Derek Ramsay made headlines after her former wife Mary Christine Jolly, whom she had a son with, filed a case against her.

However, the two have already settled their issues.

Here is some information about myself and my family.

I met my future wife Julie for the first time in high school. After having two boys and much discussion we decided to adopt a child with special needs. Lulu has bilaterial tibial hemimelia, a one-in-3-million condition. Dror Paley and the Paley Institute, Lulu is journeying to walk on two feet.

“[Malamig ang Pasko ko], walang kayakap eh,” he said.

“But, no, I’m not dating anyone from Philippine Airlines.” Ramsay said he wants to focus his attention on his career and family for now. Yes, I’m dating pero uunahin ko na lang muna 'yung career ko.

One of the reasons I started this site is because I am frequently asked to license my photos as stock photography, since many people will not or cannot release their works under a free copyleft license. I preached part-time from 2007 to 2009 in the Church of the Brethren.

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Ramsay made headlines in the past months because of the concubinage case filed against him by estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly.