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I thought her early Unfabulous days were good, but now I can barely stand to watch the show. I wasn't expecting much out of Jo Jo (bold and strong Hailey) at all. I wasn't expecting much from Sara Paxton (the titular mermaid Aquamarine) judging by the painful "I see we're going to have to take this slow: Mer Maid" in the trailers, but she ended up doing okay.

I knew it wasn't exactly fair writing her off for being a singer, but that's what I did. All in all, it wasn't a great movie, but it picks up in the second half and finishes well, so it was a pretty decent way to spend almost two hours on a cold Saturday afternoon.

“[Grande] has gone into the studio to pour her heart into a breakup track.

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I was pushing for Failure to Launch or She's the Man, but my sister was determined to see Aquamarine. The movie starts off extremely slow and was, in my opinion, painful to watch.I must admit I was much more entertained with thinking of ways that I could sneak in to The Hills Have Eyes, which was playing at the theater across from ours.But in the end I stayed for the movie, giving me plenty of time to think over my criticisms.I think Emma Roberts (timid and diminutive Claire) may be a rare star who started out acting fairly well and is getting worse.They almost cast a temporary Nikki Newman replacement when Melody Thomas was sick.

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In addition to those breakup songs, however, will fans ever learn what really happened that caused that sweet romance to turn sour? Bieber kicked off the excitement by re-gramming a picture in which he is portrayed as Pikachu.

Grande posted a cryptic message on Twitter about the situation. The watermark showed that it was from a fan account used to ship the singer with Grande.

Teenager Holly Hamilton is tired of moving every time her single mom Jean has another personal meltdown involving yet another second-rate guy. See full summary » In a dreary Florida beach resort village, luscious-limbed lifeguard Raymond is the main attraction for girls.

Teenager buddies Claire and Hailey became experts on him by observation, but never dared actually approach him, and after this closing summer season will be separated as one's parents move to Australia.

These tunes won’t be the first songs that Ariana has crafted as a result of her relationship with Ricky.