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David De Angelo - Interviews With Dating Gurus (AUDIO)David De Angelo contends most men lack a deep understanding of women, and in this way they are at a loss to attract the ones they desire.

De Angelo spent months in clubs, malls, at the beach, wherever guys were picking-up.

After a few years David had become a natural himself, and decided to leave his life as a real estage agent and devote his time to teaching other guys what he had learnt.

This is all the intervies released by David Deangelo.

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Though he has appeared in several of his seminars as a guest speaker.

Yeh I saw that Jeffries interview once too...was the deal with that?

Rather, De Angelo asserts that a woman will feel attraction automatically when she perceives a man to have admirable characteristics such as confidence, lightheartedness, humor and independence, qualities he boils down into the shorthand "cocky and funny." Thus, while a typical man might hope to appeal to a desirable woman with obsequiousness and unbridled enthusiasm, carefully hiding any reservations he might have about her, a "cocky and funny" one would actually make his reservations abundantly clear from the outset, albeit flirtatiously and with humor.

De Angelo stresses that his recommendations are limited to advising men on how to present themselves more attractively in dating scenarios, and makes it clear that his advice is not necessarily relevant to ongoing relationships.

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The interview was done when Ross Jeffries released a product called "Method & Masters" where he interviews David D.