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This, too, ends in failure as Dom, crazed by cravings for his favorite decadent delights (even having dreamed of marzipan candy), demands the keys from his brother, even threatening him with violence at one point, of which he is extremely ashamed afterward.To help their brother, Antoinette and Frankie bring together Dom and Lydia.Dom is deeply disheartened when given his new diet plan, seeing the long list of delectable foods and dishes that he enjoys very much but now has to avoid.

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Because of this, Dom grew up with a love of food, a trait shared by his equally obese cousin, Salvatore (Sal).

When Sal suddenly dies at age 39, the family grieves.

April asks about Bermuda and Beth says she’ll take care of that, too.

Fatso is a 1980 American comedy film written and directed by Anne Bancroft, her only such credit, and starring Dom De Luise, Ron Carey and Candice Azzara.

It’s all forced cheer and awkwardness until Sara gets a phone call from April and the mood turns dark.

April says she can start chemo next week, she just has a few things to wrap up, but Dr. They make mildly uncomfortable small talk about how busy they’ve both been, when the girl Sara saw George kissing introduces herself as a fellow pediatric cancer doctor.

She then starts to think of things she’ll miss if she doesn’t make it out of the hospital, like her own wedding, but Beth says she doesn’t have to worry about that; she’s beaten this before, she can beat it again.

Besides, they can totally cram Thanksgiving and a birthday into the time she has left before chemo.

After a fit of self-loathing, Dom realizes that he must love himself the way he is, and that his siblings need to accept him for who he is.

Dom then receives a phone call from Lydia, who is at a hospital in Boston visiting her younger brother, who accidentally chopped off a finger.

And by that I mean she doesn’t collapse into a heap of tears on the floor the way I imagine I would react if I were told I had cancer and/or my cancer was back. Hamburg tells her she’ll need more chemo and a bone marrow transplant, but luckily they still have Natalie on hand. At which point I would have demanded to be hooked up immediately, but April’s going to take her 24 hours of freedom. In Cleveland, George is happy to see Sara came to surprise him.