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If not yet, I have my (personal) list of the best romantic places in Philippines.

These are the places I have already visited and based from my experience, they are perfect for spending your romantic getaway with your Filipina date.

Im planning my second trip to Philippines to marry my bride to be, Mary Anne Daguro, again thank you , aloha.

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This is so because the place bears the coolest weather within the country.

Of course, besides the cool weather, Baguio is considered to be one of the romantic places in the Philippines because of the many great places to hang around and chill out.

Myself and my beautiful wife, Anelyn recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary.

We have been very happily married,and I cannot believe how lucky i was to meet such a kind,generous,and extremely loving wife.

It was so good to me to be able to meet such a gorgeous woman (both inside and out),instead of the usual woman that I was used to meeting.

You have my eternal thanks for allowing us to meet.Baguio One thing you should know about Philippines is the “hot” weather.Since Philippines is a tropical country, the climate is “hot” even when it’s not summer.But this is because most victims of online dating are not properly informed on how to date safely.Despite the fuss, online dating still provides a lot of advantages.Well, you should know that rejection is normal and it happens to everyone. However, have you noticed that modern love story has a different kind of twist when it comes to meeting that someone special?