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This book won't just help you understand how the attraction process happens but it will also help you discover how attractive you are and will assist you in getting over the imagined ugliness problem. The kind of confidence that attracts women Why being cocky attracts women How do men and women perceive attractiveness How to make anyone fall in love with me fast?

Bad boys appeal much more to women compared nice guys as they are seldom boring and they bring emotions into the picture. Even if bad boys bring bad emotions by hurting women, they are still able to make women feel something.

Bad boys are very good at leading women through the dating process from start to finish.

In fact, many times I have seen them jump straight to the end just like playing some sort of board game.

The bad boy is not just confident when it comes to women but he is overly confident about every aspect of his life.

He is not the cry boy who blames the unfairness of life for his misfortunes nor he is the one who runs to women for social support but instead he is a solid and independent person who never breaks.

Women are much more likely to attracted to men who can arouse their feelings even when logic tells them repeatedly not to.

Do you notice how it takes long it usually takes for a woman to completely leave a bad boy? Once a girl is attracted to a guy, she will justify to herself relentlessly why she should stick with him even if she is getting abused continuously.

They are low on self-esteem and they would settle for any guy who would move them through the dating process.

Quality women who somehow end up with them, always wake up up very fast and leave them behind.

I have talked about being a bad boy earlier but because that topic is of great importance i had to visit it again to tell you more tips that can help you become a bad boy. Of course they can but instead of being nice all the time they reward their partners with their nice behaviour when they stick to the rules.

In other words a bad boy isn't a nice by default person but he is an unpredictable person who requires a lot of work in order for someone to extract that nice part out of him.

Women like nice guys but they put them in the friends zone and never allow them out.