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Hollow body Teisco guitars have either 1, 2, or 3 pickups.

The designs of the Teisco follow basically two different styles.Up until 1960 Teisco guitars followed the Les Paul style.For the last decade of production, Teisco guitars followed the Fender design, since this was becoming more popular at the time.For the most part, Teisco guitars were and are designed for beginners.Protect the vintage Teisco guitar with a pick guard.

These are plates that are fashioned specifically for certain guitars.When buying a vintage Teisco guitar, it may be necessary to check the inner workings of the guitar and replace any of the components if necessary.There are not a lot of different parts in the Teisco guitars to worry about replacing, but there are a few. Solid body guitars have no way of amplifying the sound from the plucked strings, so pickups are necessary to transmit the sound to the amplifier.As with any vintage product, throughout time the product can fall victim to everyday wear and tear. Most of the Teisco guitars have a wood body, so it is actually fairly easy to repair minor scratches and dings.The easy solution here is to use a touch-up marker.Reading the serial number or model number on the back of the Teisco guitar will give a decent approximation of the age of the guitar within a few years.