Colin ferguson dating erica cerra

She claimed her height as "being 5-foot-6" in an interview, although in person she appeared nearer the 5ft 4 than 5ft 6. Nice you don't care she's a foot shorter than you,many 6'5 would fight for getting a date with her, LOL.

he took SSSOOO much money to build that we ended up using him in two or three eps just because we had already built him. it was cool to see how they developed over the years and how they got reused SO much more than they were supposed to.... I was doing a stage show when that happened and people actually thought my name was some sort of joke. We've never tried but I imagine I could give him a run for his money... Up in the Air was a big Fav because the director was someone from within our group and it was a big deal for her and she did it SO well.

Every single girlfriend has come to their senses a couple months in. I simply can’t do this.’ “And there’s really nothing you can say.

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:) My fav was Up in the Air, Smarter Carter, and Jack of all Trades for various reasons - and Your face or Mine, which was the firs one I directed... so my truck is a quick substitue for my character - which is sort of like Wile E Coyote I guess... but nothing going and I LOVED the timeline changes. up in the air, jack of all trades, your face or mine. I have to know what t means from a producer/lead perspective but i'm not building the thing so I don't really KNOW the depth of it usually. (they are now printing livers like Holly was using - read about it yesterday) No. :) My gal would probably object to marrying someone else but no toes got stepped on :) Vinspresso - decaf coffee They like hurting either me or soemthing to do with me... That's impressive to me teleportation and a Spaceship that can go to Mars... xox I know what it means but I don't know what the nuts and bolts of it are. It got easier but most shows get easier I'm told... But they usually are when they like what you're doing. And I can't tell you the thing I'd like to be wrapped up because WE STILL GOT EPS LEFT!!!! I wanted him to be real and scared and angry and all the things that we all suffer under. The est arc was the Titan-theft-matrix Arc of the last season and half - hands down. Despite his dismal love life, Colin’s work ethic has paid off.

Canadian Actress best known for playing Deputy Jo Lupo on tv series Eureka. strangely many guys of your height and taller prefer short/average height girls, I even know a 6'8 guy who has a 5'5 girlfriend.I wish it was different, but I’m on a six-year contract and this isn’t going to change,'” adds Colin, whose Eureka character, Sheriff Jack Carter, has been getting busy with Dr.Allison Blake (played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield) in the show’s fourth season. Everyone tries to kill time somehow, sometimes - so why not? I was surprised because I was not a Scifi Channel watcher at that time. “I’m actually nursing myself through a heartbreak right now.” That recent squeeze (we’re guessing) would be E.