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He only knows the early image we’ve presented to him. It could go one of two ways: It could go so well that he laughs until he dies (hopefully not literally), or it might finally be the moment when he realises that you’re a bit of an odd person with an odd sense of humour.For a couple to work out, their sense of humour has to match up.

However, there is a difference between talking about your life in a way that invites conversation and dumping out a ton of personal information that leaves people uncomfortable.Share things in small doses, and use personal stories to help your new friend understand the circumstances about events you speak about. Are you sure you didn't ask me to share my most embarrassing story?He would never make the mistakes that your ex did He’s your friend, so it’s a good chance he knows how badly your previous relationships went.Perhaps you told him about the ex who used to lick your face, or maybe you told him about the guy who slept with you once or twice before failing to return your texts and calls. If he’s your buddy, he’s going to make darn sure that he doesn’t make the same mistakes that your ex did.For example, if you ask about kids and she smiles and gets excited, but says she doesn't have them yet, chances are she is trying or looking forward to the time when she becomes a mother.

If she pauses or gets a sad look in her eye, the subject might be a painful one, so tread lightly.

There are many reasons why a relationship doesn’t last.

But because it’s essentially a lotto, we never have any clue whether this one is going to be forever. He already knows all about your issues – and he understands them.

Relationship Tips In a world where dates are now literally on tap, thanks to apps such as Tinder, many of us are skipping the friendship bit and diving straight into a relationship. You already know him inside out, you know he’s not going to mess you around, and you’ve known him for so long and still don’t want to kill him. If you’re wondering what the benefits of becoming friends before starting a relationship are, let’s take a look at 10 of them.

Being friends with a guy before you get into a relationship with him has numerous advantages.

He knows what went wrong and how hurt you were – and he’d never repeat those same mistakes. There is a good chance this one will last Why did you previous relationships fall apart?