Average age of graudating college

The "right" age to graduate is whatever age you are when you've fulfilled the requirements to obtain your degree--and even that is debatable.In the US, most people are 18 when they begin college.

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I was lucky that I got a PE class this sem despite (at that time) not having the 15-unit requirement to enlist. Currently in my exam year and if everything goes well I'll go to college next year, at the age of 17.But I'd reckon most people ought to be 18, though it wouldn't surprise me if there were a lot of 17 year olds as well.Though there are also a lot of older individuals who decide to go -back- to college.And there was never any physical education required when I went- if someone wanted to stay fit they'd do so on their own.Thus many graduates are 22 when they finish a 4-year program on time.

Some programs actually require a 5th year (or 10 semesters' worth of credits), so students are often older than 22 when they finish. I opted for a heavy course load and finished quicker than 4 years, but was 27 when I graduated.

I don't come from a rich family, but I was gifted some money from my parents and made the rest on my own.

Of course, instead of a college graduation party or something like that, this is always an option!

No need to elaborate as to what country, but the age when you attend college is also okay. I also didn’t ask for vocational education because I think that is called further education or continuing education or in where I am we call it Tec Voc course.

@Havenstone Higher education, post-secondary education, or third level education. They include undergraduate and postgraduate education. However, I’m asking as to what age when a person took their undergraduate course. The vast majority of people I know started college when they were eighteen.

It can also depend on when during the year a person's Birthday falls, because class cycles don't care if they start before or after someone's Birthday.