christian dating el paso texas Aries women dating a virgo man

This is particularly welcome in a guy since men are notorious for sticking to the superficials in a relationship.However don’t freak out if you find your Virgo boyfriend obsessing about some aspect of your love life since it is in his fastidious nature to read too much in between the lines.If you are wondering how this will impact your love life, remember that your Virgo lover can prove to be something of a workaholic.

So when he talks about a plan, you can be sure that his words will be followed by action, unlike a Gemini who is more likely to talk just for the thrill of hearing his own voice. Ruled by the planet Mercury who was also the swift-footed messenger of gods in classical mythology, a Virgo can handle several tasks – physical as well as intellectual – at the same time.They thrive in high pressure competitive environments which bring out the best of this industrious and meticulous nature.However if you know that this is the guy for you, find a way of going on with your social life without him and rest assured that once he is through with his tasks, he will transfer the same single-minded attention to you.The combination of an industrious and perfectionist nature is often responsible for Virgo men taking their time in deciding about a life partner.Trust a Virgo with a job and you know he will not only get it done but also get it right the first time.

A Virgo takes his tasks very seriously and has a high sense of responsibility.

If you rate practicality higher than sentiment even in matters of love, then a Virgo is definitely the man for you.

Despite their inward and pedantic nature, a Virgo is realistic and practical.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dating a Virgo. A Virgo man is legendary for his pursuit of perfectionism.

There is nothing shoddy or half-hearted about what he does.

He will say yes only when he is sure about you but once he does you can be certain that this is something he really wants and is not a momentary affair.