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“We are trying to take care of our officers and keep them from harm,” Plasse said. He also pointed out that with today's smart phone technology and the digital scanner applications, it's possible for people committing crimes to monitor police radio traffic so they can avoid police officers dispatched to a crime in progress. If the dispute does reach the courtroom, it might result in precedent-setting decisions, says one legal expert. 6 sent Radio LLC a letter asking that Terre Haute agencies “be removed from your broadcasting applications immediately.” "I understand for some, listening to public safety scanner traffic is a hobby that has been around for years," Felling wrote.

Finding that the doctrine of merger does not apply and that the contract is not rendered unenforceable for public policy reasons, we affirm. Accordingly, they assert that the trial court erred when it entered summary judgment in favor of the City on this issue and denied their motion for summary judgment. * * * The Browns also contend that they “have the right to pursue monetary damages for the [City’s] creation and maintenance of a public nuisance.” Appellants’ Br. The Browns point out that Indiana Code Section 13-2-22-13 provides in relevant part that “any structure, obstruction, deposit, or excavation in or on any floodway . In particular, they assert that they were the only residents who sustained flooding to their real property “due to the obstructed floodway.” * * * [W]e hold that the Browns’ damage was neither special nor peculiar for purposes of their public nuisance claim.

Thus, the trial court did not err when it entered summary judgment in favor of the City on that claim.

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— Terre Haute police insist a Texas-based broadcaster of scanner traffic must stop airing its radio transmissions, but the broadcaster is balking, saying it may fight the city in court.

"Given the dangers our police officers face today, having our radio traffic broadcast in real-time has created a serious threat to officer safety, the security of incident scenes, and may hinder the officers ability to appropriately ascertain and respond to the emergency situation because listeners are at the scene as well," Felling wrote.

In his "cease and desist" letter, Felling asks Radio LLC to respond in order "to avoid potential legal action." While Lindsay C.

“In the past, mobile scanners have been illegal,” Plasse said. You can hear police being dispatched somewhere, so it defeats our efforts.” Plasse said he understands that for many years, people have sat at home monitoring police communications on their scanners, and for some people it is a hobby.

Those people can still hear non-encrypted broadcasts, but not the "talk groups" that are encrypted.

Blanton III, CEO of Radio, has not returned calls from the Tribune-Star seeking comment, he did post a copy of Felling's letter on his website Dec.

13.[Police Chief John Plasse] said his commanding officers made the request for radio broadcasts of THPD to be encrypted so the radio traffic cannot be heard by the general public using in-home scanners or devices with scanner apps, such as smart phones and tablets.

Posted by Marcia Oddi on December 30, 2016 PM Posted to About the Indiana Law Blog For publication opinions today (3): In Tina L. Earlier that day, Hemingway had signed a contract agreeing that if she cheated on Scott or failed to contribute to the property’s maintenance and expenses, she would reconvey her interest in the property to him.