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Afraid to look into the future, she refused to look at the past, feeling that if she did, she would start crying and never stop."I've never seen so many wounded in my life.It reminded me of that scene in 'Gone with the Wind' where all the wounded are lined up for miles around the railroad station," says Shellabarger.On the other hand, I was always straight with the soldiers.

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If one young man is spared the experience of going to war, by something I wrote, I will feel my life, after Vietnam, has been purposeful.""That was when, in many cases, we found the maggots. The first time I saw maggots in a wound, white and plump and squirming under the stained gauze, I nearly vomited. I and the forgotten Korean vet all deserve our respect but not at the expense of MEN and WOMEN who served in an unpopular war that their generation started. I thought the window had been broken by the concussion of the explosions outside.

The doctor who was operating merely said, "'Ah--the Surgeon's Little Helpers.'""Then, for a number of reasons--including my inability to get along with the Director of Nursing--I asked for a transfer. I didn't find out until later that four sticks of TNT together with a detonator and a fuse, were lying on the floor . .""It was a beautiful, exquisite country," she remembers.

The wounded and dying men in our care need our strength, I told them.

We couldn't indulge in the luxury of our own feelings.

It was beyond primitive; it was beyond the MASH movie and TV show. We did have so many casualties right out of the field. So, we were [sigh] way above our heads." The noise outside was tremendous and we could hardly hear ourselves think.

Shells and mortars were dropping much closer than they ever were before, but I was so busy I was almost able to forget about it.""One of my rules was that nurses were not allowed to cry.(He had already pulled the pin.) Lindsay had help from a male officer in physically restraining the "berserk" soldier.Lindsay was the first black nurse to receive the award, and was promoted to Captain."'One of her come-backs embodies anger and anguish, tough-minded pride and brooding guilt and black, black humor."And the rumors were so bad - that Saigon had fallen, things like that...Not knowing the truth was the worst.""For many nurse veterans, their assignment to Vietnam was, in essence, their first "real job." The average American military nurse on duty in Vietnam was just 23 years old and fresh out of a three-year diploma nursing school.""Leigh quickly found out that by joining up for two years, she would have the rest of her schooling paid for, as well as free medical and dental care.And I'd look at them as they'd get their Purple Heart.