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Ich bin immer bereit das optimale zu geben und mein Körper ist auch dazu in der Lage.Jeder Blick von mir verrät wie hemmungslos und offenherzig ich bin, wenn es um das Thema Sex und Erotik geht.Ich bin immer sehr angetan von netten Männern, die dann freie Hand haben mich zu verführen.Ich stehe nämlich auf die Eroberung und das Verführen.It argues that shame is an important driver of sexual behaviour among teenagers even when peer-group effects are considered.

Since many later-life outcomes (education, marriage, job market performance) directly depend on the behaviour during adolescence, it is important for good policy design to understand the comparative role of internal motivations, such as feelings of shame possibly implanted by parents, and external motivations, such as peer-group effects, on the sexual decisions of teenagers.

Does shame impact teenage sexual behaviour in modern times, when contraception is readily available? What is the relative importance of each of these forces?

This columns aims to answer these questions using a survey covering 90,000 US high-school students.

Group behaviour affects individual behaviour but the group by definition is the sum of the individuals (Manski 1993; Brock and Durlauf 2001a and 2001b).

In particular, our analysis focuses on those girls who made the transition from never having premarital sex in Wave I to having had it in Wave II.

Ich habe schon viele Erfahrungen gemacht und möchte aber meinen Erfahrungsschatz erweitern.