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Burow created a fictitious identity named Sarah Mc Gee, a woman he said was a good friend who lived in the same housing complex, to lure victims by sending them nude pictures of a woman he claimed was Mc Gee and encouraging them to send him similar photos.

When boys did send him lewd photos and videos, he frequently distributed them others, including to at least one minor victim. "Those individuals looked up to you." Burow could see more jail time for preying on children.

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Loudly, and apparently without caring who heard her, a research assistant at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City charged that her boss—noted paleoanthropologist Brian Richmond, the museum’s curator of human origins—had “sexually assaulted” her in his hotel room after a meeting the previous September in Florence, Italy.

(She requested that her name not appear in this story to protect her privacy.) Over the next several days, as the 1700 conference attendees presented and discussed the latest research, word of the allegations raced through the meeting.

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Though our campuses offer all the resources needed to form a self-contained community, we are closely connected to the larger St. Students have myriad civic and community involvement opportunities off campus, and the university focuses many of its efforts on enhancing human life and health in the St. Life on Washington University’s campus today has its roots in a rich history dating back to the founding of the university in 1853.

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