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RS500 was the evolution with 2.4 race engine of Sierra RS Cosworth 2.0 16 DOHC with big wing.With increased to 3.5 bar and bigger Garett turbo I changed, versus 0.75 on RS Cosworth with 204 horses, with increased gas pressure and new Magnetti Marelli program to open gas for longer time, we got about 450/500 horses like in race, for 1250 kgs with 12 points safety cage, only on rear wheels drive.

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I took her to be safe in garage before going to hospital.Nearly 1 year to re-build her again and I even had to re-build her for third time.I drove my beloved RS500 daily for more than 10 years.On Winter 2014/2015, I drove many times 1300 kms in 18 hours, staying 6 hours at World. So, I am one quarter iron man No car driving included. FR with legendary higher than 2300 meters Izoard to climb.

86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run, raced in that order and without a break.You haven't seen some of types of cars on the fast lane on the Autobahn? If I'm in a high performing car, my foot will get heavier. The situation is that Autobahn has speed limits and no speed limit zones. In the US, the speed limits are pretty consistent on the highways.The situation in Koln is there are drastic reduction of speed in some area with speed cams, and it will catch ones not aware off-guard.So, personally, I won't suffer as a result of the law.I think that it isn't a good idea, but we should be happy that more extreme suggestins didn't go through.If someone actually managed to avoid a fine on this technicality, I'm sure that the law would be changed to cover it (pun, as always, intended) in the future. Sex without condom won't be openly advertised, and you can't demand it or complain with success if you don't get it.