Penpals with webcams

:) Well anyway, I e-mailed you guys a while back about a safety concern ...

If you want pen pal party users to be safe, ask the pen pal to download a program called Skype.

Please read the US State Department's information about advance fee scams for more information.

The person pretends to have suffered a terrible loss, or a terrible illness, pretends to have a sick child, or little sister, or other family member, and begs for money to help them.

It's terrible to have to say that, and there are so many wonderful people out there that not everyone is a potential thief.

However, these thieves are VERY smart, and sometimes will string you along until you think you know them before finally taking your money. One of our members has a suggestion about how you can make sure the person you're talking to is the age and gender you think they are: get Skype!

The one of Antarctica, as white and nearly featureless as a snowball, immediately stood out.

“When I took out the Antarctica map, they were all fascinated by it because it looked so different from any other map they had seen,” Mc Grath says.It wasn't through an e-mail, he had instant messaged me from London, so he said. If the person says they're from one country, but their IP is from another country, you need to ask yourself why they would lie about that.The "International Youth Conference" scam The person pretends to be sponsoring or working with an "International Youth Conference" of some kind, and tries to get you to send them (or a partner) money for registration fees, hotel reservations, etc. Sometimes, they will use a name similar to that of a real International organization or NGO. The "Help me get Millions out of the Country" or "Help me invest my money" or "419" scam The person pretends to be a relative of a former dictator, prince, princess, or rich person from another country and asks for your help to get millions of dollars out of their country.The Canadian High Commission has warned against this, as stated in this news release: Remember to USE the link that shows what country your penpal is coming from!It’s not every day that the same sentence mentions the South Pole and New Orleans. But adult students in a New Orleans literacy class are swapping stories and e-mails with a group of people spending the dark, cold winter in Antarctica.