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Integrity will always be a rare item in human nature; just take a look at our so called leaders in politics and business. The ego dominates in most of us, and thus we all are blinded by that poison.

Honesty and honor are rare, even more so in cyberspace.

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If I have taken the time to get to know you through email, chatting, and telephone conversations and I say that I am going to meet you.......I WILL MEET YOU. and she makes as much as him or more and doesnt even work to do it.? Maybe it's bad dating karma, perhaps i should plain face lie to people to "let them down easy"And i'm not looking to go out and screw a girl, that's something I can find at a bar. I was a nice guy before all these crazy women tore chunks out of my soul. Being bitter and giving up only assures that you won't be eating any apples.....lux_interior:"I can pick out the "will be single a long long LONG time" men quite easily. "That's really tasteful, I hope that makes you feel big...

I have never ever stood up a date because that is just plain wrong. and I mean your ACTUAL gut and not the "oh they're so cool" thinking part of your gut. can most men deal with this and treat her normally? YOU HAVE MORE ISSUES THAN ANYONE EVEN CARES TO COMMENT ON..a look at how people respond to you on here and figure it out for yourself...ugly!!!? at age 31 i have yet to meet a woman that doesnt play games or knows what she wants. I had to chime in on this one, because this is the biggest burn I get from this site. I know that nothing makes me feel grand like pointing out the shortcomings in others. Feh, I can't control how bitter I am, right now, this is who I am, and if it's a problem, the girl can move on.

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It's called games and yes there are some of both sexes that do play them on here and it is unfortunate but I believe there are many signs that will tell you if you are high on their priority LIST and you should be able to spot them. Jackie Victoria, BCGlad to hear that im not the only one that this has happend to. If you have a nagging feeling they're still lying to you, be it about their photos or whether or not they really want to meet people/you... 99.7% of the women on here play games or dont know what they want in life. I see at least a hundred profiles with "No superficial men, no mind games, no lying" blah, blah. It's not too much to ask for a woman to be upfront and honest. After reading that, I think it's more plausible that people read what you have to say and decide to let you down with the "Um, i'm going to be single a long long time" routine. If I were to hide this part to attract women, i would be no better then the girls I've ranted about.

It just called learning to be aware of them........... Its everywhere these days , and the internet thing is a farce!! I just like how i'm the best guy ever until we meet, and then i get the lets be friends speech. Say what you will, at least the girl knows what she's getting into, which is a lot more decency then i've ever been provided, at least thus far.

I have been in the dating sites for a while now and it has been my experience that women put up photos that are not a true representation of who they really are. Like, come on, Unless your in an accredited pay date site then games are going to happen more than not!! it sucks when people lie to you, but surely you're all wise enough to know by now that so many on the internet lie. Even if you haven't been online long, you must read the papers or watch the news. Don't go all "how dare you" on me either because I know that there are so many people on this site so keen to meet someone that they let little things slide..