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However, Ghambi has dismissed the clip saying it has been doctored by his enemies in order to tarnish his image.Eric Aniva, from the southern district of Nsanje, was held after giving a media interview confessing to have slept with the girls for a fee of between four and seven dollars, paid by each of their families.

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The prostitutes, who all tested positive, were charged with offering sexual services while carrying the HIV.

They were set free after paying a fine equivalent to .

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The Malawi deputy minister of defence, who is also the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker in Taronga North, Vincent Ghambi has been hit with a sex scandal on the social media with his sex video...

In a statement, Malawi's president said it is unacceptable to commit such violations under the guise of culture.

Mutharika said that since the accused said he does not use protection in "his evil acts,'' he should be investigated for exposing young girls to HIV and "further be charged accordingly.''The president also ordered police to investigate all men and parents involved in what he called "this shocking malpractice.''A Malawi human rights lawyer, Chrispine Sibande, commended the president for the gesture but said arresting Aniva is not enough."The practice is very rampant in some of parts of the country,'' Sibande said, urging a broader effort to end it.

High court judge Dorothy Kamanga ordered that the prostitutes "should be compensated and file for compensation within 14 days," according to the ruling handed down on Wednesday and read out to AFP by a court clerk.

The group was detained in 2009, hauled to a government hospital for HIV testing without their consent, and the results were disclosed in an open court."My clients are seeking damages as compensation for violation of their constitutional rights and trauma suffered as a result of actions of the police and a hospital," lawyer David Matupika Banda, told AFP after a brief court hearing.

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