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has a special appeal for me, and the Table of Contents has a high percentage of writers I’ve long admired, so I had high expectations.

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As with any anthology, some stories appeal more to me than others, and the order in which they appear leads me to think that the editor shares my taste, front-loading the book with some of the real standouts.The middle part, with several exceptions, has several perfectly okay pieces that just don’t have as much of the spark and flow of really good writing. Morrow Walter Mosley Peggy Munson Zoe Myonas Alicia Night Orchid Craig Odanovich Cassandra Park Michael Perkins Christopher Pierce Lance Porter Jack L. Paul Sardanas Elizabeth Schechter Erica Scott Kemble Scott Mele Shaw Simon Sheppard Tom Simple Talia Skye Susan St. Stetson Chancery Stone Donna George Storey Darcy Sweet Rebecca Symmons Mitzi Szereto Cecilia Tan Lily Temperley Vinnie Tesla Claire Thompson Alexis Trevelyan Alison Tyler Gloria Vanderbilt Vanessa Vaughn Elissa Wald Saskia Walker Kimberly Warner-Cohen Brian Whitney Carrie Williams Peter Wolkoff T. Raiment Shakir Rashaan Jean Roberta Paige Roberts Sam Rosenthal D. Sadero C Sanchez-Garcia Lisabet Sarai R Paul Sardanas R.Overall, though, the stories in are forgettable, at least partly because they are so much alike.

I suspect that this may reflect the editor's preferences.A sub discarded by his first master decides to try being dominant for a change.The beautiful FTM transsexual he encounters in the BDSM club is more change than he'd bargained for, but both participants in the scene find a connection beyond the physical pleasure.I certainly knew then that some people, maybe even most people, do think of fifty as old.It’s a truth not generally acknowledged that our perception as to what constitutes old age keeps changing as we get older, always hovering some distance beyond wherever we are now. Haven Trebor Healey Vicki Hendricks Scott Alexander Hess Richard Higgins Julie Hilden E. Hillwood Amber Hipple William Holden Senta Holland David Holly Michelle Houston Debra Hyde M. Hydra Vina Jackson Anneke Jacob Maxim Jakubowski Kay Jaybee Ronan Jefferson Amanda Jilling SM Johnson Raven Kaldera J. In this volume, Shane Allison has gathered seventeen explicit tales of gay sexual encounters, the preponderance involving men in long term relationships.