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Although I was not raised as a nudist, I have been one since I moved out of my very conservative family.

I have been to many social nudist gatherings where children are present and have met many adults who were raised as children. I kind of worry about a society that seems to be perfectly fine with children playing violent video games or watching movies showing human bodies getting blown apart, but freak out about how much their child will be forever traumatized if he walks in while mommy and daddy are making whoopee.

By that, I mean that I am bisexual and it is the right of any individual to be that way. I enjoy reading, travel, and spending time with my family.

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At ALL Valid Religions So If You Still Think That I Do Not Know What I'm Talking About Just Maybe You Really Should Really Go And Study It Very, Very Carefully, Which Is Indeed One Of The Very Many Reasons That I AM So very,very Super Proud To Have Been Born INTO And Come From A Multie Generational BISEXUAL NUDIST Family, And As for those who think that being a nudist should exclude children well go get an actual grip on reality, Because If Those Of You Who Profess To Think That Being An Nudist Is Only About Just For The Sake Of The SEX Alone, Well You Are Very, Very Sadly Mistaken Your Really Not Really True Nudist Matterial Your Just Very Badly Fooling Your Selves Into Thinking That Your Being Very Responsible Adults, When In Actual Reality Your Just Being A Bunch Of Very Overgrown School Yard Bullies Without Ever Really Meaning To Be, It Would Be Very Much Better To Very Fully Educate Your selevs And Not Only On This Subject And Topic BUT, Also Very Many More As Well.

Like Said Our FAMILY Have Indeed Been Very Fully And very Wide Openly Practicing Bisexual Nudists For Very Well Over Nine Generation Plus And Then Some, So When you and/or your Family Have Been Bisexual Nudists For Nine Generations Plus And I Don't Mean Pretend Or Nudist Want to Be's, NO What I Really Mean Is Very Genuine BISEXUAL NUDISTS, AND Do Not Think That There Are No Other Very Truly Geuine BISEXUAL NUDIST FAMILIES Out There Who Have Lived Thire Lives Just The Very Same Way In Which We have.

I WILL BE CHECKING IN TO THIS SITE TO STAY IN TOUCH AND MEET OTHERS WHO SHARE MY INTERESTS AND MIGHT LIKE TO USE ME AS THEIR LIVE SEX TOY SOMETIME, ALTHOUGH I AM NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING, , IF YOU CONTACT ME I WILL RESPOND TO SEE IF WE CAN GET TOGETHER FOR ME TO SERVE YOU. Leaving pics for you to enjoy ****************************** ********* **** Passively Bi male sub/switch senior nudist boytoy*** **** I have been a home nudist for years, but am looking for ways to practice clothes free living more widely with friends and acquaintance.

***Seeking couples interested in SAFELY using a senior boytoy/live sex toy for their pleasure: - open to m/m bi play str8 play, I'll follow your lead, or Domme female interested in oral, spanking, and strapon dominance.

MWC, nudist, enjoy fun times, no means no, no pressure. There are so many gorgeous and sexy and horny people here and it's a shame we can't meet everyone we like but at least this site gives us the chance to express ourselves in a way that we can't do in everyday life.

Would like to find a bi female or bi or sub male or bi couple to join us in fun. For me that's great because I also like to hear what you would do with me in the bedroom.Of Course There Are Some Of You Out There, Who Think It's Far better For Childern To See Violance Rather Then Something As Very Beautiful As The Very Totally NUDE Human Body, And You Think That Your Thinking Normally, WELL Guss What, You Are the One's Who Really Need To go sit down and Really Think It ALL Through Again, And Again, At Least Untill You can figure out which ones of you out there in cyber land really are the very badly over grown over aged school yard bullies, And Then I Am Very positivally Certain That You Will be The Very Frist One's To Post Asking Not Only To Discus This Topic With Me, BUT You Will Be Going Very Far Out Of Your Way To Find Out From Any Of Real Time Actual Bisexual Nudist Friends And Yes Even Thire Families; Of Course Some Of Them May Be Just A Very Little Bit Hesitant To Talk to you About It, Most Especially If They Are At ALL Aware Of Your Views Posted Here On BP, BUT They Will Very Eventually Open Up, And Will Be Hearing Right From Them The Very Exact Same Things Which I Have Said, Of Course There Might Still Be Some Of These People Who Really Will Not Ever Want To Answer Your Questions Because They Will Not Ever Be Able To Belive That Your Being Serious About It, IF YOU Have Never Once Asked Them Up Untill NOW AND/OR If They Know Of Your Feelings That Childern DO Not Belong In Nudism Of Any Kind, I Am Really NOT Here To Make Enemies BUT Rather To Help Educate Those Who Will Let Them Selves Be Very Fully And Peroperly As To What Something Which Has Been Something VERY, Very,very,very Super, Super Special Not Only To Me, BUT Something Which Has Been VERY Important And Very Equally Special To very,very many other Bisexual Nudist Families, I Do Also Know That For Some Of You The Fact That BISEXUAL FAMILY NUDISM Had In Actual POINT OF Fact ted Out As An Actual Anchent Pagan And Origenal Wican Religion Dose Indeed Come As Quit A Very Large Super Shock, BUT That Was NOT At all my intent.So Now Very Hopefully at least Some of you will actually be takeing the time to further Educate Your Selevs About And/On This Subject.I'm a single 58 year old bi-sexual man who looks 30 and in good shape. s to deep throat a cock, and loves to swallow whole load. Seems to want to go a long time in sucking a cock and gets in a trance because the cock is so good Treats cock like its a piece of candy. And of course good fun kinky sexy with a woman, from eating her out to fucking her in the ass and everything in between. I do love women and consider myself to be straight, but very, very bi-curious...7.5 inches uncut and very horny and stays very hard for a long time. Not really into Piss, Scat, extreme pain or torture, and of course NO KIDS! I love sex and the idea of being with another guy turns me on. As a nudist and a member of a family nudist camp, i see nothing wrong with it.Enjoy the nudist life style and would love to have other nudist join us. Would love to make friends as nudist and then look to adding more pleasures. Nude is always betteri am for it,as long as parents dont have sex in front of the kids.i think if a family starts to teach the children from the first day of their lives,that there is nothing wrong with being naked at home,then the children will not have the hang-ups most do my opinion Well It seems here's another one, Where I Have just got to say something,and very hopefully educate some of you who really think you already know it all, I Am not trying to be smug here, Rather IT Very Truly Is The The Fact That Both My Younger Sister And My Self were born into and raised by A very,very fully practicing bisexual nudist family with certain members of our parents families having been members of the clergy of just about each and every organized religion that you can currently think of today, BUT, There Are Very,very many of you out there, Who really do not know that Bisexual Nudism Is Indeed An Actual Very Ancient Religion, And Not just Some very recently invented play time, Please remember that our family have been very fully practicing bisexual nudists for very well over (9)Nine Generations Plus Inclueding My Younger Sister And Seventy-eight cousins Who are also still to this very day today, very fully and completely practicing bisexual nudists.